Now is the time when these problem creatures will cause the most havoc in and around our homes. Scorpions may be the most critical to our health as they are venomous stinging insects. Bees swarm at this time of year as they increase hive size foraging for nectar from the many blooming trees and flowers throughout the valley. Roof Rats are going to be most active because citrus fruits are hanging on trees, the rats’ favorite food.

Our main focus at this time of year is to achieve maximum control by applications of material in targeted areas where we know these pests hide. One of the best control techniques is HOME SEAL EXCLUSION SERVICE. This service includes sealing as many avenues of entry in your home. These would include but are not limited to door seals, garage doors, weep screed, roof vents, hose bibs, and electrical runs through the home. This service can also be effective as part of an integrated control plan for Pack rats and Roof rats. We offer free inspections and service proposals and would be happy to visit with you.

We have placed our homes in these creature’s environment. To say the least, we are the invaders not them. Please be careful when outside, scorpions like to stay hidden during the day and hide in and under objects including shoes, towels. Look before you reach or step. While scorpions are seldom deadly, they do inflict a painful sting, should you be stung we strongly suggest you seek medical help or at the least consult your family doctor.

You can also call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.
Should you encounter more than just an occasional bee at your home, essentially swarm like activity, get inside and call us at 602-900-9996. If someone is being attacked call 911.


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