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Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, which attempts to stop weeds, from competing with domesticated plants. Many strategies have been developed in order to contain these plants.

The original strategy was manual removal which can cut the roots of the weeds. More recent approaches include herbicides (chemical weed killers) and pre-emergent herbicides which inhibit seed germination.

Annual plants live for only one growing season. They are referred to as winter annuals if they germinate, grow, flower and produce seed during the spring and summer. Common Summer Annuals in desert landscapes include Spurges, Pigweeds, and Puncture Vine. Common Winter Annuals include London Rocket, Thistles, Little Mallow, Red Stem Filaree, Annual Bluegrass, Mediterranean Grass, and Wild Barley.

The key to effective weed control will be two or more years of continuous pre-emergent herbicide use. This will result in better weed control than a single year of use because continuous use reduces the number of weed seeds in the soil. Control of 98% of 10,000 weed seedlings per 1000 square feet is not acceptable (200 weed seedlings survive) but 98% control of 200 weed seedlings per 1000 square feed would be acceptable (4 seedlings survive). Additionally, timing for the application of pre-emergent is key for effective control. Fall (October, November and December) is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicides.

What you may not know! There are certain weeds that are not controlled by pre-emergent herbicides. Among these are Bermuda grass, Johnson grass, Purple and Yellow Nutsedge, bamboo. It would not be fair to tell someone that a pre-emergent controls these plants and thusly, they are typically excluded as a “controlled” weed.

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More about Weed Control…

A plant is often termed a “weed” when it has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A plant totally out of place within a defined area.
  • A plant of little or no value.
  • Competitive with desirable plants for space, light, water and nutrients.

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