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Weed Control In Phoenix That’s Complete

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Simply stated a weed is a plant that is undesirable or out of place. The predominant landscape design in Arizona is Xeriscapes, typically dominated by decorative granite and arid loving trees, shrubs and cactus.

There are two weed seasons in Arizona. The unwanted growth you see in January through April is the result of the germination of seeds of WINTER ANNUAL weeds. These weeds can be prevented by proper application of PRE-EMERGENCE herbicide at the right time of year. That time is October to December. The second season of is the germination of SUMMER ANNUAL weeds. Summer annuals show up late spring to early summer.

Weeds generate thousands of seeds, by eliminating the weeds we also eliminate the seeds. Thus, going forward as the seed base is reduced, so is the likelihood that weeds will reappear.

Our weed program is predicated on four services a year with application of PRE-EMERGENT at the proper time. Most new customers call us when the weeds are out of control. During your first year service program we will PRE-EMERGE your granitescape twice. In your second year we will reduce the pre-emergent to only one annual application. This will also reduce your annual cost. With few exceptions we GUARANTEE our work. Along with eliminating weeds, your satisfaction is our goal.

It is important to note that WEED CONTROL is cumulative, “reduce the weeds, and reduce the seeds”!

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More about Weed Control…

A plant is often termed a “weed when it has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • A plant totally out of place within a defined area.
  • A plant of little or no value.
  • Competitive with desirable plants for space, light, water and nutrients.

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