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Rodent Removal in Phoenix

RodentRoof rats were first discovered in the Phoenix area in 2002 in the Arcadia District. Now these pesky rodents can be found all over the Valley.

If you think about it, roof rats are a lot like us. In the winter and early spring when the weather is pleasant, they’re more active. When temperatures drop at night and it gets chilly, they like to be indoors. And they’re also eagerly anticipating the oranges and other fruits ripening on trees around the Valley.

That means this is the busy season for the vermin, as it is for those of us wanting to keep rats out of our homes and yards.

Roof rats are actually black rats, though they can be other colors, and can be identified by their large ears and scaly tails that are almost always longer than their bodies. They get their name from a preference for spending most of their time at least four feet above the ground and can often be found in trees, shrubs and attics.

They are not native and were first discovered in the Valley in the Arcadia area in 2002. Most likely, they were inadvertently brought here from a neighboring state. Since then they have been on the move, showing up in East and West Valley communities in addition to Phoenix.

Want to avoid roof rats? Keep your home and yard inhospitable to the rodents.

“The key factor is to not have food for them or clutter or anything that would make them want to stay,” Maricopa County Environmental Services spokesman Johnny Diloné said. “The more we keep our backyards well-kept and eliminate their food sources, the less likely they are to hang around.”

Roof rats are most active in the cooler months but they are present year-round.


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