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Rodent Removal in Cave Creek

RodentOther Names: Brown Rat, Gray Rat, Common Rat, House Rat, Wharf Rat, Water Rat, Barn Rat, Sewer Rat, Super Rat
These “super rats” can reach 16″ in length. Each female rat can give birth to 20 pups in her lifetime. Some factors affecting rat populations in cities include continuously mild winters, weather-related disasters, and encroachment of their habitats by new urban development.

Reproduction of the Norway Rat
Litter Size:8-12 pups per litter
No. of Litters:4-7 per year
Sexual Maturity:2-3 months
Gestation Period:22 days
Breeding Season: Indoors: All year; Outdoors: Spring & Fall

Diet of the Norway Rat
Daily Amount:0.5-1 ounce
Daily Water:1-2 ounce
Daily Food:Cereal grains, meats, seeds, cockroaches, fruits, especially citrus.

Eliminate Rats With Rat Traps
Rat traps are an effective method of non-toxic rat control. There are 3 types of rat traps commonly used for rodent control: Snap Traps, Glue Traps, and Electronic Traps.These mechanical traps provide a quick solution to a rodent control problem and can be used many times. One advantage of rat traps is the ability to “recover” the rat to confirm its elimination.

The most important technique for effective trapping is good trap placement in areas of high rodent activity. The most common trapping mistake is using of too few traps. Statistics show that more rodents are trapped on the first night than on any other night. For this reason, it is essential to use a large number of traps initially.


More about Pest Control…

While pesticides have generally been the usual preferred method of exterminators, modern techniques include:

  • Biological Control
  • Non-chemical exclusion methods
  • I.P.M.(Integrated Pest Management) programs

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