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Home Seal and Exclusion Paradise Valley

Home Seal Service

Protect your home in Paradise Valley from unwanted pests, including scorpions!

Interior of Home

  • Remove all exterior wall outlets for void treatment.
  • Dust cabinet and vanity voids.
  • Treat all plumbing and electrical chases in wall.
  • Place monitoring devices.

Seal Exterior of Home

  • Weep screed gap.
  • Utility inlets.
  • Foundation cracks.
  • Exterior electrical fixtures.
  • Screen roof vents.
  • Install garage door seals as needed.
  • Replace weather stripping at doors as needed.

Landscape Features

  • Apply liquid barrier at all perimeters.
  • Dust fence pilasters.
  • Apply water dispersible granules at foundation.
  • Apply microencapsulated material for slow release.
  • Treat all valve boxes and meter boxes.
  • Treat planters, BBQ, patio, RR ties, ramadas and insect harborages.
  • Install rodent control devices as required.

This is a complete and thorough service which targets pests where they live and breed.

Once completed, this service provided will greatly minimize further pest problems at your Paradise Valley home. Make your home safer and keep your living environment free of Arizona desert pests & unpleasant invaders.

Targeted applications using the most advanced materials along with the elimination of pest entry points supports a more modern approach to pest management.

Contact us today to see how we can help you control and eliminate pests.

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